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What is this code?

This code is used to display or redirect to a SimpleX 1-time invite or profile link. When you press on share the following options are available:

If the Open in App button doesn't work in your browser simply copy the link location and paste it in your app. You can also scan the QR code from the app to add the contact.

What is a SimpleX link?

SimpleX app protects your identity and privacy by not using phone numbers, email addresses or usernames. In order to connect with other people you need to either scan a QR code or use a long link that allows you and the other person to connect. This website allows you to create a short code that is easy to share via a phone call, SMS or a piece of paper for other people to add you as a contact.

Don't have SimpleX app yet?

SimpleX app is an open source privacy first full featured messaging application that is not tied to any phone numbers, emails or usernames. All communication is encrypted end to end and allows to share files and have audio / video calls.

Find more information about this wonderful application in their official website at

Download the app: